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Project Partners

Organisations are welcome to provide information to Cabarita Inc for this page.  We invisage this being a general knowledge page where most facts about the township and it's icons are found...

Mallee CMA
Birdlife Mildura

Mallee CMA is an integral partner in providing assistance for Landcare and general environmental and agricultural based issues within our region.  They support our local school and community with learning opportunities and various other information and support services.


Below are the latest information pamphlets in regards to environmental watering and the current proposals which they are asking for feedback on.

Birdlife Mildura is a not for profit organisation providing monitoring services and collection of information about local species for various locations within the Sunraysia district.

Contact Birdlife Mildura



Mildura College Lease Trust

The Chaffey Brothers, early settlers of the Mildura region had a concept to allocate land that would become an income source for a local agricultural college, which has since been legislated to include funding the regions schools by way of lease payments being invested and distributed each year.

Currently college lease land includes area's of Lake Hawthorn and some of the surrounding lake frontage (Riverside Avenue).

Further information about the Mildura College Lease Trust and its role is available via the pdf attachment below.  A full history is going to be included as a page on our website shortly - stay posted!

Click PDF1 to see the template letter that is provided to local school families.

Click PDF2 for the legislation information surrounding Mildura College Lease Lands Trust

Lower Murray Water

Lower Murray Water is one of the three managment agencies for Lake Hawthorn and Lake Ranfurly along with providing our local community with various water provision services, educational information and technical data.

Mildura Rural City Council

Mildura Rural City Council is one of three management agencies for Lake Hawthorn and Lake Ranfurly and provides our community with numerous services, educational tools and information.  Our community development officer is Belinda Fitzgerald who regularly attends Cabarita Inc meetings.


The final draft of The Lake Hawthorn Management Plan is currently being assessed by all agencies involved and will submitted to MRCC for final endorsement in early 2016.

Consultation process is now completed but you can still give feedback via the Cabarita Community Inc survey which is an ongoing survey for locals to share their ideas and issues.


Records of meeting minutes that may hold information about Cabarita or Lake Hawthorn/Ranfurly may be found at this link - click here.

Merbein Community Development

Merbein and Cabarita/Lake Hawthorn and Lake Ranfurly have often blended histories including the township of Birdwoodton so our historical information often crosses paths.  Click here for more information on Merbein.


Goulburn Murray Water

Goulburn-Murray Water is one of three management agencies for Lake Hawthorn and Lake Ranfurly.

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