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General Meeting

6pm till approx. 7.30pm

All welcome @ Old Sailing Club Building, Dyar Avenue, Cabarita

Stay in touch via Facebook or email us at for an agenda.

Hot Topics:-

Cabarita Inc takes on the management of the Sailing Club Building (Do you have any ideas on how we can make this a great venue, and what should we call it??)

*Road Safety Incident Survey and Petition follow up


Community Centre Working Bee

Due to our new responsibility of managing the old sailing club we will be giving the area a spruce up, cleaning gutters, mowing, weeding, sorting the shed, spring clean the buildings etc.

We would like to invite all community members to maybe come along BYO basic tools and we'll provide a BBQ lunch afterwards to celebrate a new milestone in our endeavours.

A date will be announced shortly however if you would like to let us know in advance of your ability to assist please message us your details.


A notification will go on our facebook page when a date is decided.

Environmental Water - Frequently Asked Questions



Road Safety for Students

In late 2020 there was a near miss for a student walking home down Dyar Avenue.  Prior to that 2 incidents at the stop sign of Dyar/17th St. This has led to a full campaign to lobby local government including submission of a petition to improve the safety for pedestrians and cyclists accessing The Lake Primary School from residential areas.

We have recently had another near miss event this time with cyclists again on Dyar Avenue.

Currently students have to cross the highway unassisted to access the path at the St Andrews Estate - Regina Ave end.

We hope that we can work with local agencies to increase the paths to fully connect Dow & Dyar to 17th Street as well as connect our school crossing to the housing estates located at the McEdward Street end of the community so that our school crossing can actually be used as it was meant to be.

Keeping our community healthy & safe starts with common sense infrastructure that meets current needs and has the potential to link with future growth areas.

Environmental Water Flows into Lake Hawthorn

Commencing in April 2016 Lake Hawthorn began to receive an Environmental Water Allocation via infrastructure that is managed by Lower Murray Water.

Irrigation flows are prioritised throughout this process.

The following document outlines information provided by Mallee CMA regarding this allocation which is to support waterways that have significant benefits to migratory and native birdlife.  There has been significant evidence to show that Lake Hawthorn is in fact a prominant area for endangered species including the red necked stint which flies from as far away as Siberia.

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