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About us


Cabarita Inc's vision is to bring the community together, create a forum for idea's, issues, actions and solutions.

With this in mind we will strive to:


  • Be a support network for our local residents, local sporting groups, school and businesses within our township

  • Be an active Landcare group and improve our local environment

  • Assist government bodies to make sound, community supported decisions on issues that effect our residents, visitors and users of our community facilities.

  • Become a voice on behalf of the Cabarita community


Cabarita is a small community with a BIG vision! 
Come join us....




As a small township on the brink of Mildura expansion we have many issues to address if we are to achieve the best outcomes. Cabarita Community Inc is looking for ideas that will improve our opportunities for recreation, and general wellbeing of our residents.


Cabarita Inc will continually strive to work with as many networks as possible to be informed and to inform others through creating spaces for interaction.


We will also strive to be an open and welcoming organisation that will work together with other communities for the greater good of our region.



2022 Committee to be announced shortly


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