Current Projects

Lake Hawthorn is an iconic lake situated right in the middle of our town, not to mention right in the midst of many townships/suburbs of Mildura.  So much opportunity you might think when you first drive past it, but sadly there are many hurdles in front of anyone who thinks they can turn this lake into more than just a drainage basin of ever lowering water levels which was once a lake of stature if you look back through the history pages.

Lake Hawthorn has a strong connection to the river which has been changed due to agricultural needs, roads, train lines and and housing developments but it still has an environmental value that provides a habitat for endangered birds.  Lake Hawthorn has been successful in receiving two environmental flows over 2015/16 and 2016/17 which will assist in protecting this waterway.  Environmental flows are applied for on an annual basis and is not in any way guaranteed.


Some issues our community (and Mildura) faces:


  • Multiple government and college lease management organisations over land and water within and around Lake Hawthorn and Lake Ranfurly

  • Loss of fish native fish species

  • Potential loss of native animals and birds

  • Potential loss of native habitat if lake bed dries due to salt burn/acid sulphate risk.

  • Extreme salinity and toxicity of water and lake bed sediment

  • Odour - really strong odour!! (Usually on high degree days 36 degrees and above)

  • Loss of local sporting club dependant on Lake Hawthorn (Lake Hawthorn Sailing Club)

  • Loss of recreation value to The Lake Primary School and visitors (Once a popular swimming venue for Mildura locals)

  • Loss of local businesses e.g. Snakes and Ladders, Post Office and store due to drought causing unbearable smell of lake.

  • Risk of losing Merbein Golf Club through lack of volunteer support or paid membership levels, general use of the facility by locals.

  • Growing school population requiring safer bike and walking paths to connect the new residential growth of Mildura South in close proximity to Cabarita and the Lake School, enrolment numbers for the Lake PS is 255 for 2016 double what it was 10 years ago. Lake Hawthorn perimeter access could assist in providing this.

  • Existing businesses being badly affected by strong summer odours.




Support Merbein Club

Not every small town can boast a beautiful heritage golf club - but we can!

Unfortunately though with drought affecting player numbers reducing income to keep greens green, the Merbein Golf Club (or Merbein Royal) as some like to call it has hit some tough times.  With a little bit of support from members of Cabarita Inc there has been a few community social evenings held since March 2014 with player memberships nearly triple now than back then.


There are few reasons though why this golf club is so important to the community and not just to the odd golfer within the region, here is where lies its strengths and possibly some opportunities!


  • Merbein Golf Club is currently the local Australia Post Office and services the community on a volunteer basis - how lucky we are that they are willing to do this?

  • Merbein Golf Club currently manages this land area on behalf of the Department of Primary Industries and Environment, and maintains boundary fencing and the natural bushland landscape.

Merbein Golf Club is a little more than meets the eye, so how can you support it?? 

We would love to hear your ideas and grand plans!



We are so lucky to have a wonderful growing school which has supported local families for over 100 years.  We want to continually be supporting our school, the students and their families as this is what good communities should do!  Through this website we will keep you posted of their successes, projects and interesting stories!